Before and after sun – tips for beautiful skin

  1. Start with thorough skin cleansing. Apply sunscreen on your face and body, at least half an hour before going to the beach.

  2. Do not use a perfume or eau de toilette before and during sun exposure in order to avoid occurrence of photo-allergy and skin depigmentation.

  3. Stay hydrated! Drink water all the time and make sure you drink around 2 litres of water a day. Sun exposure and sweating reduce the skin moisture, which is essential for healthy skin and beautiful tan.

  4. To emphasize the beautiful tan on your body, use moisturizing cosmetic milk/gel after sun exposure. The silky formulation of BLACK UP After Sun products will make your skin soft and hydrated, and your bronze tan accentuated.

  5. To help your skin stay soft and young, remember that consumption of fresh juices, fruit and vegetables improves its quality and healthy look.

  6. Carrot juice is the proven ally, ready to help you get the tan of your dreams!