Black Up SPF 50 anti-pigment cream
Black Up SPF 50 anti-pigment cream

Black Up SPF 50 anti-pigment sunscreen for daily care, thoroughly protects the skin from harmful UV radiation during everyday exposure to the sun, especially in the summer. The cream's complex formulation, based on high-quality, wide-ranging photostable chemical UV filters, absorbs the sun's UVA and UVB rays. The potent active ingredients mix, including niacinamide and Aloe Vera extract, helps reduce pigment spot size and prevents the appearance of new ones.

Niacinamide – vitamin B3 – is an effective skin-lightening compound that inhibits the transfer of melanosomes from melanocytes to keratinocytes. Aloe Vera extract protects the skin against damage from UV radiation. The cream is rich in vitamin E, whose antioxidant action enhances the protective filters' efficiency by reducing free radicals formed from exposure to harmful UV rays. Vitamin E stimulates skin healing and regeneration and protects and maintains its natural lipid balance. De-panthenol - provitamin B5, which turns into pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 in the body, is a powerful humectant that penetrates down to the lower layers of the skin.

Instructions: Apply to dry skin 15 minutes before sun exposure and after swimming. Apply a sufficient amount of the product before sunbathing.

Caution: Applying less cream diminishes its level of protection significantly. To ensure continued protection, apply more frequently, especially after sweating, swimming, or towel drying.

For external use only! Babies and small children should avoid direct sun exposure. Even when using sunscreen, avoid staying in the sun for extended periods. Excessive exposure poses serious health risks.

Dermatologically tested.